The mission of the McLean Islamic Center (MIC) is to provide religious, social, and educational services to the Muslim community as well as to promote and reinforce a positive image of Islam in the United States. MIC’s goal is to foster a nourishing environment that brings hearts of the people together under the Islamic philosophy of peaceful coexistence with all of its neighbors.

The vision of MIC is to create an environment of understanding, peace, diversity and intellectual growth by providing an inclusive platform for all Muslims whose viewpoints are in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. This includes daily prayers, inter-faith dialogues, youth counseling, non-profit events, and much more. MIC will serve as a model institution for religious organizations in the United States looking to serve Members of their own faiths as well as their local communities.

Board of Directors

Br. Sultan Chaudhry – President

Br. Mohammad Naji – Vice President

        Sr. Allison Carpenter – Secretary

Br. Riad Muwakki – Treasurer

Br. Umar Shahid

Br. Rafay Hassan

Br. Kebba Sallah

Sr. Neha Mangru

Board of Trustees

Br. Hashmat Ali – Chairman

Br. Shahbaz Mian – Secretary

Br. Maqsood Chaudhry

Br. Ahmed Elrefai

Br. Zafar Farooqi