Divorce Services

Please call +1 703-239-3701> or email administrator@mcleanmuslims.org to book an appointment.


  • Couples must meet with one of our counsellors prior to proceeding with a divorce.
  • Individuals cannot request or proceed with a divorce on behalf of other parties. All clients must represent themselves throughout the divorce procedure. They may be accompanied if they wish.
  • Divorces for couples who were married abroad still require a divorce from the court prior to proceeding with the Islamic Divorce Decree.
  • If the individual or couple wish to proceed with a divorce, they will need to:
    • Provide a written request for divorce signed by both individuals
    • Provide a copy of the legal divorce
    • Provide a Photo I.D.
  • If a divorce/khula is granted the client will be presented with a certificate accordingly within a period of two weeks.

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