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McLean Islamic Center is proud of the Muslim Community's Civic Engagement and Voter Turnout

  • Virginia has over 214,000+ Muslims registered to vote
  • Muslims make up 11% of voters in the Northern Virginia Area
  • In 2018, around 70% of registered Muslims voted, 10% higher than Virginia statewide turnout

Which Legislators Represent McLean Islamic Center?

What to bring on election day?

  • An acceptable form of identification.
  • Remember: You can still vote if you forget your ID! You can sign an ID statement affirming your identity.

Are you interested in running for office? Become a candidate here.
McLean Islamic Center welcomes visits from public officials, media, legislators, and candidates!

If interested in visiting or scheduling an event with McLean Islamic Center, please email

Mosque Etiquette to be aware of before your visit: Please take off your shoes upon entering the Mosque. Men/women should wear modest clothing.

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